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Our Winemaker



For ROWEN Wine Company, instead of following tried and true formulas, Seidenfeld leans into the freedoms of blending, putting together different combinations of flavors for every vintage. He co-ferments the Viognier with Syrah, embracing a method that’s been practiced for centuries in France.

Overall, many of the grapes go into an eponymous brand, ROWEN. Fruit from the highest block is reserved for a new, high-end brand, 2040. The wine is named after the elevation of Sky High, the vineyard from which it is picked. And, the very best fruit from the entire ranch comprises 600L, an experimental brand crafted in miniscule quantities.

Perhaps the most salient characteristic of Seidenfeld’s approach to winemaking for RWC is the fact that there are no rules. He co-ferments white and red grapes. He uses what the land gives him. In the future, Seidenfeld says he might include varietals many consumers have never even heard about. This extends and amplifies the concepts that form the foundation for ROWEN Wine Company itself: bold, unconventional, one-of-a-kind.