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2021 ROWEN Chardonnay – High-Elevation Chardonnay from Cooley Ranch Vineyard 

ROWEN Chardonnay is inspired by our winemaker’s passion to create wines from high-elevation vineyards, wines that truly embody their varietals and the pristine site on which they grow.

Our ROWEN Chardonnay is the result of a long-held belief by our winemaker, Justin Seidenfeld, that high-elevation vineyards create the optimal condition for producing wines of clarity, purity and character and our Rowen Chardonnay is no exception.

Striking a beautiful balance of site, fruit, flavor and innovation, ROWEN Chardonnay is a bellwether of meticulous, modern winemaking and the importance of place – Cooley Ranch Vineyard.

close up of grape vines at sunset
Rowen Chardonnay Bottle
close up of grape vines at sunset

Tasting Notes
High-Elevation Chardonnay from Cooley Ranch Vineyard

With aromas of meyer lemon, honeycomb and floral jasmine, the 2021 ROWEN Chardonnay is a beautiful expression of high elevation fruit.

rows of grape vines at sunset
Ariel photo of Cooley Ranch at sunset
Ariel photo of Cooley Ranch at sunset

Cooley Ranch Vineyard
Sonoma County, California

Cooley Ranch vineyard is blessed with bright red volcanic greenstone soil that is sought after for its high-quality grape growing potential and one of the reasons our winemakers carefully selected this land to plant on. Grown on a vineyard block named Prune Orchard, our Chardonnay sits at 1767 feet above the fog line on 2.2 ideal acres. Its northeast facing slope provides a cool environment loved by Chardonnay, leading to a wine with bright acidity and a natural balance of flavors.